About Us

Welcome to Kima's Luv (Love, Understanding, Value), formerly known as 'Kima's Boutique', where we express personal messages on clothes.
I want to start by saying thank you for stopping by Kima's Luv.

Kima's is a brand based on passion for Love, Art and Fashion, which equals Kima's Luv created by Kima herself.

Kima has always had a passion for fashion and art from a very young age. She grew up 1 of 5 sisters; they all took part in dance classes and Fashion shows, which helped Kima with art and design as a teen.

Fashion isn't just trends and what's hot this season, it's being comfortable and knowing who you are as a person. Kima was able to channel her passion for fashion with customizing her clothes for dance shows or a night out with friends; to her outfit for the Notting Hill Carnival.

Over the years Kima started building her portfolio of self taught sketches and designs, with that being said in 2011 Kima enrolled into college to make her passion and dream a reality. "I went to college to study Art and Design Fashion. College was a great experience and a great blessing as I learnt so many new techniques which I am now able to use in all areas of my designing".

On Kima's Luv you will find Exclusive pieces from T-Shirts to tank tops to Tote bags. We personally hand designed and hand print each order.

If you would like Kima to design and make a special custom garment for you or a friend, then send us an e-mail with more details. Have a look at the pictures on our instagram @KimasLuv, Facebook.com/KimasLuv and our alwayskimas.blogspot.co.uk blog site. Place your order today via e-mail at alwayskimas@gmail.com.
Thank you for stopping by. from One Heart To Another. Kima xoxo #FROM1HEAR2ANOTHER